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Friday, March 09, 2007

Sony SLRs Announced at PMA

Ever since Sony took over Konica Minolta's camera division after their ship sank, every A-mount user was a little worried about how much effort and dedication they were going to put into keeping this entity alive.

Well kids, speculate no more. According to Gizmodo's adventure to the Photo Marketing Association's trade show (which opens today), they announced two higher-end digital SLR bodies and ten lenses! Details haven't been released yet but this is great news for those who own Minolta and/or Sony lenses and need the legacy to continue.

To put things into perspective, people spent A LOT of money last summer on Konica Minolta stuff because they were going out of business (that means quality camera stuff for cheap). However, if the camera were to die or if users needed extra lenses down the line, what does one do if Sony stopped manufacturing lenses?

Just remember that when someone buys an SLR, they are buying into a system - you can't use Canon lenses on a Sony body, for example. Long live the Minolta/Sony A-mount!

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