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Friday, April 28, 2006

Possible Digital SLR Purchase?

Finally, a post about me. Woohoo! So I've been heavily considering the purchase of a digital Single Lens Reflex camera as I'm starting to realize and push the limits of my current camera, the Panasonic FZ15. It's not to knock the Panny but like any "prosumer" (non-SLR cameras that have SLR-like features) camera:
  • Indoor shooting without flash stinks! Period.
  • Shooting sports games is tough because the AutoFocus system isn't quick enough to capture the fast action.
  • The viewfinder (the glass piece that you put your eye against) is electronic, so there is a slight lag between you moving the camera and the image actually updating.
Looking on the bright side, the Panny has some really amazing upsides:
  • Built-in image stabilizer (which compensates for your hand shaking when you take shots)
  • Long-zoom lens (12x optical, equivalent to 432mm in film if I remember correctly)
  • Leica lens -- what a nice piece of glass!
But if I were to purchase a dSLR, this means plopping down at least $1,000. And for those who know me, you know that I do my homework before I spend my hard-earned money. So I've looked into the Konica Minolta Maxuum 5D, a 6 megapixel dSLR (opposed to my Panny's 4mp) and this, too, has some awesome features:
  • Built-in image stabilizer IN THE BODY! Most dSLRs (even the famed Canon ones) don't have this feature, and lenses that do have "IS" built into it can cost around $300/piece.
  • The kit which includes the body and a basic 18-70mm lens (about 35mm-100mm equivalent in film) goes for $700 at Ritz Camera. That's cheap for a good quality camera.
  • Like all SLRs, indoor/fast-action/etc. will be significantly easier to shoot.
The only problem is? I don't have $1,000. Anyone want to donate? :)

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